Most comfortable, easist to make and cheapest kindle hand strap / holder

As a book savvy, I love my kindle. I spent hours daily on my kindle. However, there is a big ergonomic issue that I encountered, what I believe many people have as well, which is how to hold the gadget for long time with little fatigue and convenience to turn pages.

Unlike many people that hold kindle with one hand, and turn pages with the other hand, I’m a single-hand user. I used to put my pinky at the bottom to support the weight, with several fingers on the back to keep the balance, and spare the thumb at front for page turning. The corner of the kindle rested on my palm. This is OK for a short period of time and when I sit straight up. After a while I feel my pinky started to stress and the hand is not feeling natural. While I was laying on bed, this grasp is even harder to maintain.

I searched in Amazon for kindle holders and found several products, like the following:

Buy TFY Security Hand Strap Holder Finger Grip Compatible

Buy TFY Security Hand Strap with Leather Belt Holder Stand

They should work but have their shortcomings.

First they are not free. 10ish bucks is not a lot but still better to avoid. Second, a lot of these products add some weight. I prefer to keep the kindle as light as possible. I don’t even use a cover or case.

Inspired by their ideas, I came up with a cheap alternative as shown below:


Facemask is cheap, lightweight, soft and comfortable. It should bring no irratation to your skin. I guess during this pandemic, every household should have plenty of them. For tablet may be try a more sturdy facemask than the disposable one I’m using for kindle here.

Try that and tell me how you feel!

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