• Best Gifts for Addiction Recovery
    We are all trapped by some kind of addiction. From more socially acceptable coffee, candies, or sports activities, to less socially acceptable ones such as cigarette, alcohol, cellphones, to the infamous addictions including drugs. Addiction is hard to get rid off, especially those that are not that harmful, or if used properly, bring more joys
  • 8 STEM Toys For Kids
    As an engineer, I always look for toys that can open the door of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) to my kids. I want them to admire the beauty of it at a early stage in there life and inspired by the fundamentals of the universe. Here I list 10 toys in the STEM
  • 10 Creative Gifts Under $100
    Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash It is holiday season again! Many people rushes to the stores purchasing gift for their beloved ones, friends, partners, children, or parents. However, to make your gift standing out of the mediocre piles of plastic toys, candies / chocolate, vogue clothes or purse that he or she may receive during the holiday